Takers are the traders who take a long/short position by buying/selling from/to the AMM.

  • Check Open position size, open notional, unrealized PnL, average open value
  • Get quote for opening a long/short position

Funding Payments

Funding payments are an essential ingredient of any perps exchange. To that end, taker’s pay or receive the funding payment on their open position at the time of funding event. Taker’s pending funding payment can be queried as follows:


Your position will get liquidated in 4 chunks (25% each) - not all at once.

This saves the trader many a times - for e.g.

  1. they may come out of liquidation zone after a partial liquidation
  2. Market may recover
  3. Trader has more time to close the position

So they pay liquidation penalty only on the liquidated part.


  • Price deviations: Longs are not allowed when markPrice (mp) > 1.2 * index and shorts aren't allowed when mp < .8 * index. Do note that even in such condition, longs/shorts arising from liquidations are still allowed.
  • Minimum Position size: (TBD)