Nikitakle, Hubble’s DJ

Nikitakle, Hubble’s DJ

Nikitakle is a community contributor, the Hubbleverse DJ and creator of Hubble Radio.

Nikitake you are the creator of the Hubbleradio, and the person that selects the music for it. How did you come to have this idea?

In fact, I have been fond of music for a long time. For about 10 years I worked as a photographer in clubs and listened to various types of music. I was at the performances of almost all famous DJs. I have always wanted to learn how to DJ and about 4 years ago I had the opportunity. I started playing in local clubs and bars, my time was spent 50% taking photographs and 50% playing, it gave a freshness to my work. I then started collecting vinyls and making mixtapes. I have some remixes that I wrote myself. I really like the Hubble community and I decided to make a radio and show people my music. I also made a mixtape, have you listened?

Yes I have listened to it! Even though I must admit I don’t know a lot about music, I did enjoy listening to it and thought it was really cool!

For those who haven't, they can find the “Hubble Music Space Cat Mixtape” here:

Now, next question, how does someone like you end up in the web3 space? How was your journey?

I got into Web3 not so long ago. It happened with the beginning of the pandemic, my friend introduced me to a couple of projects where he contributed and I found it interesting. I immediately made several acquaintances and got a little more information about how the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 works. I began to develop and help as a moderator and community manager. I had mastered these skills in “real life”. In fact, before joining web3 I was already managing and leading a community.

So it’s not just Hubble then! You have contributed to several DAOs, is that correct?

Yes, I accidentally got acquainted with the Gearbox project and also helped as a community manager, at one point the guys (Mikael, ilgiz, ivangbi) decided that it would be a DAO and invited me to help them already as a member of the DAO. I help develop the community, doing some marketing and moderating. It is very interesting. At the same time, I was selected for Delos HQ Multisig in the Saddle project. This is a subDAO that, along with the main project team, is responsible for the development of the community. We come up with a variety of bounty for active participants and help people get acquainted with the project. Onboarding of sorts.

So as an active community member and Hubbleverse DAO contributor, can you tell us a bit more about how your experience in Hubble has been so far?

Oh sure. In fact, I've been with Hubble since the beginning. I, like many others, helped test Hubble. I went through all the stages of the testnet, this is a new experience for me, since I am not used to trading. It was a learning experience for me! I really like the project team, the Hubble platform looks very fresh, it's bright and creative. I think those who like to look at charts will be most satisfied with the UI / UX, high level!

As for me, I have a few Hubble Space Cats and actively participate in governance, I want to spend more time on Web3 and help create something interesting. I will continue to help Hubble and new cool Web3 projects. Always looking for something new, I want to explore new networks!