Mr. Boat, Metaverse 3D Master

Mr. Boat, Metaverse 3D Master

Mr. Boat is the 3D artist and contributor responsible for creating the Hubbleverse VR space. Let’s get to know him better!

Welcome Mr. Boat!  let’s start with a brief background to put people in context. Can you tell me a bit about you and your 3D artist career?

I have always had a love for video games, and when the time to choose a career came I thought 3D Art was the thing for me since I was not much of a math guy, so I embarked myself into the 3D scene, collaborating in some indie game dev projects. One day visiting a gaming conference I got to experience one of the first Oculus protoypes of VR Headsets, and at that point I knew I wanted to be part of this new reality being created in front of us, so I focused myself in VR development which ended up being a great move. During that time I actually learnt how to code which showed itself extremely helpful at my current step in life,  both in my RL and crypto career I am making use of my programming and artistic skills. That's why I consider myself a Technical Artist.

That sounds like a really interesting career, how did you go from that into web3/crypto?

I started around 2012-2013, don't exactly remember, buying Bitcoin. What I do remember is that back in those days BTC was seen as a replacement of fiat money, and was interested in it for two main reasons, one obviously being investment and the other being privacy, as in theory one could use BTC to acquire goods without leaving a trace. I think I only used it once to pay for a VPN subscription, and I sincerely don't want to remember how much BTC that was back then. I didn't do anything related with Crypto until 2021, when a friend really into it requested my help developing an NFT project in Avalanche. At first I did not understand a damn thing, I could not comprehend why people would buy a token with metadata, but it didn't take long enough until I found myself aping into NFTs myself after I got a look at the big picture of things and the opportunities web3 could bring to the world.

So you are quite an OG! Has your experience in the space been different from you "RL"? How so?

I feel the crypto community is far more accessible when getting gigs or even getting a job. You get a lot of offers, and that is great, but it's not only that, it's the fact that you are actually able to talk without intermediaries with everybody, that you can see there are amazing, idealistic devs out there looking to change the world with their projects, which is something really uncommon to find in RL. I feel the crypto/web3 communities shine with norm-breaking innovative individuals who actually have a way to build what they wish, thanks to launchpads, presales, community support, while in RL you are stuck at being just another bee in the hive of a big corpo.

How about Hubble? What led you to it? And can you tell us more about what you have been doing/building in for the Hubbleverse DAO?

You mean my crush? I got to Hubble after hearing it was going to be the first futures DEX in Avalanche, I joined the Discord and thought I would forget about it because I am not much of a Discord guy, but suddenly I found there was a memes channels that needed some shitposting and I couldn't resist myself. After spending some days shitposting my way through the server I actually had learned enough about it to make some suggestions and comments, and one of them was the idea of creating a metaverse in Hubble as a community project, which is what led me later on to the Hubbleverse DAO. In the DAO nowadays I am basically taking care of doing some minor 3D works, like the animated NFT POAs, as well as keeping the development of Hubble's metaverse with new ideas.