Legendary Mod Conqueror

Legendary Mod Conqueror

Conqueror is one of the earliest Hubble Exchange community members. He is also a legendary moderator for Hubble Exchange discord and the Turkish Hubble Exchange Community. A true community builder!

We know you for your excellent contributors on discord, but can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you end up here?

Hi, I'm Conqueror but you can also call me a Hubble Exchange lover! As many of you know, I am from Turkey. About a year and a half ago, I got curious about testnets. I didn't know much about testnets before. But I was attracted by the idea of being able to test the product before it was ready and contribute to its development. I was constantly researching and on a day like this I noticed Hubble Exchange. I jumped on discord as soon as I saw it. That was my first encounter with Hubble.

Interesting so you got to know Hubble Exchange when researching new projects that were in testnet! What about crypto, had  you been using it before? Were you a defi user?

I was indeed using crypto before but I can't call myself a DeFi user before Hubble Exchange. I was more of a classic cex user. My first encounter with crypto also was interesting. I was in college and knew nothing but BTC. My finance teacher was knowledgeable about these topics. He was good at it. He used to tell me about crypto in our conversations. He made me wonder over time and taught me a lot. I’m very thankful to him. Maybe I'm still not very good at finance but I learned about crypto thanks to him 😄

Super interesting, when was this first encounter? 2020? 2017?

we can say 2019

Good timing! Just before the bullrun!

Yes, it was definitely good timing. I miss those days like all of us

You mentioned you grew to be interested thanks to your teacher, but  what was it that made you interested?

Crypto has allowed many people to access the financial markets. If you live in a country like Turkey (inflation over 83%), an inflation hedge becomes a necessity for you. I believe that the value of a decentralised monetary system will be better understood all over the world in time.

This is a great point. Situation in Turkey must be crazy

Yes definitely. There are constant increases in wages. But, unfortunately, the purchasing power cannot be preserved. I hope we can see steps to fix things.

You already told us that you were looking to try out testnets, but what in particular led you to Hubble Exchange?

Avalanche is one of my favourite blockchains. It was then that I became interested in testnets and was researching projects on my favourite chain. Hubble Exchange had published a form for the Milkway testnet. I filled out the form and joined the discord.

My idea was to join the test and say hi to a few people. I thought I'd test and forget it until mainnet. But it certainly didn't happen like that! There were great conversations going around on Discord. Somehow these conversations affected me and I found myself in it.

Kepler and Candycarpet were very interested in everyone, answering everyone and chatting. There was a really friendly atmosphere, I felt it very clearly. I thought I should stay on this server. After a while the first testnet started.

During the testnet there were quite a lot of new users coming in every day and a lot of questions were asked in the channels. Because I had learned about Hubble Exchange before them, I started helping people by giving  the answers that I knew. That's how it all started!

And that led you to become our star moderator. How is it like being a mod and one of the most active people in the community? What's the good and the bad?

I think it's just a wonderful thing. I love helping people. As for being active, it really became an addiction after a point. I always want to come and check, did someone write, did someone encounter a problem? This has really become a habit for me, I can't feel comfortable if I don't watch discord for an hour. Being mod might have some difficulties. You may encounter rude people, there may be pressure on you. But we at Hubble Exchange have a really awesome community. I don't remember ever arguing with anyone! Everyone is respectful, kind and sincere to each other. This is a great situation and makes your work easy. You become a part of something you love, you help the team you love and respect. It's really a pleasure for me being a mod in Hubble Exchange.

I totally get the addiction part (it’s been the same for me) though you should remember to take care of yourself too ! Anything else you would like to add before we finish?

I would like to say this. Despite Hubble Exchange switching to mainnet in a sluggish bear market, I think we're off to a good start. I am sure that we will come to much better places in the market in the future. I can easily say this as someone who knows the community, the team and the efforts made. Hubble Forever!


Thank you for this interview ser!