HSC Incentives

Hubble Space Cats are a community sourced NFT collection and Hubble protocol’s governance token until the release of the Hubble token. Space Cats are non transferrable so the only way to get them is to earn them. Currently and in order to incentivize liquidity and activity in the exchange, there is an HSC liquidity mining program on top of vHubble rewards. Here is a brakdown:

Total HSC monthly rewards: 280

Insurance Fund

Monthly: 60 Weekly: 15

The top 15 insurance funders will be rewarded 1 HSC every week.

The Insurance Funder’s Average Supplied Liquidity will be determined each week. The Insurance Funders would then be ranked according to their Supplied Liquidity. The top 15 will be chosen.

Insurance Funders must have deposited a minimum of $50 for the full duration of the week.


Monthly: 80 Weekly: 20

The top 20 traders, ranked by volume, will receive 1 HSC each week.

Only swaps done directly through the UI will be covered to specifically target retail traders and not bots.

Traders must have achieved a minimum cumulative trading volume of $100 or more during the week.


Monthly: 140 Weekly: 35

The top 25 Makers, ranked by liquidity supplied, will be rewarded 1 HSC each week.

Makers Average Provided Liquidity during the week will be determined. The Makers would then be ranked according to their Avg. Provided Liquidity for the top 25 to be chosen.

Makers must have provided a minimum of $100 or more in liquidity for the full duration of the week.

If you have been rewarded a Space Cat, here is how to claim them: