How to Vote as part of the Hubble DAO?

What is a DAO?

In short a DAO is run by the members of the organization. They have all met online and could be anywhere in the world, thus decentralized. The organization is the Hubble Protocol and everyone gets a say in what happens. This includes the founders of the Protocol, the people who have worked for it over the last months, and all the Hubble community. The votes are assigned as per the NFT’s issued based on test net usage and other DAO activities that enrich the DAO and help the Protocol over time. Think of it as a modern-day Co-op!

How do I participate in the Hubble DAO?

There are two steps to Hubble’s Governance Process. 1. Proposals first go onto https://forum.hubble.exchange/ for a Temperature Check. This is a casual poll where the interest for the proposal is tested. If there is sufficient approval, proposals then move onto the next step. To vote on the forum, a Hubbler must have used the testnet. First, use the #howtotest channel on discord to onboard yourself to the testnet. Once you’ve tested, find your invitational code to the forum in the invite-code channel on Discord. 2. For a final and binding vote, proposals are deployed on https://snapshot.org/#/hubbleexchange.eth where Hubblers vote using their Hubble Space Cats (HSC). 1 Cat = 1 Vote. These were NFTs, awarded to early testers of Hubble. If you don’t have a HSC yet, you can earn one by providing feedback and following the guidelines here: How to Provide Feedback. The HubbleBucks you’ll earn will be exchanged for Hubble Space Cats at a later date.