How to Provide Feedback and Earn HubbleBucks

Introducing Hubble Bucks

This is a currency within the Hubble Discord, primarily used to reward Tickets created on

https://feedback.hubble.exchange/. We are decommissioning the xp-system we previously had on the server with the new and improved HubbleBucks - a new way to reward Hubblers! Starting today, you can earn HubbleBucks for providing feedback on

Only tickets that follow guidelines will be eligible to earn HubbleBucks.

What do you need to know before creating a ticket?

First, here are two reasons for creating a ticket: 1. Bug Fixes:

2. Feature Requests:

Bug Fixes and Feature Requests have separate boards. When creating a ticket, make sure to use the appropriate board, depending on if you're submitting a bug or feature.

If you would like to provide casual feedback and you are not reporting a bug fix or requesting a feature , please do not create a ticket. Send a message in the feedback channel instead, it'll cheer up the Hubblenauts

How do you create a ticket?

Each ticket composes of two section, 'title' and 'details'. Here's how each section should be used. Title: In this section, very briefly describe the bug you have found or the feature request. Be brief, but specific. Example: "4hr-timeframe-in-the-tradingview-chart" or "error-received-when-closing-short-baseassetquantity-0" Details: Bugs: Describe the bug in as much detail as possible. Was there an error message? Include a picture and showcase the bug. It’s important to communicate the steps you took that led to it, so the bug can be replicated and identified. Features: For feature requests, you can describe the feature you’d like to see on Hubble. If the feature is available on another perpetual futures exchange, feel free to share a picture as an example.

Include your discord username. If your ticket meets the guidelines and is marked as “planned”, you will receive HubbleBucks in the next 7 days. You may also need to be contacted for more details about the bug you report, so we may send you a message.

Example: "This notification was received when approving ETH while adding it as collateral. There is a small typo in the word “transaction”. Image is attached. Discord Username: kepler#5783" Here are some more things to keep in mind:

  1. Each ticket should contain only one bug or one feature.
  2. Before opening a ticket, confirm that the bug or feature has not already been requested or reported. HubbleBucks will not be provided for bugs or features that have already been reported.
  3. Tickets that have the highest upvotes will be prioritized. To receive upvotes from the community, make your ticket easy to read, clear and concise.
  4. All tickets should be in English.

Here are some sample tickets: Feature Request #1: https://hubble.canny.io/features/p/live-chart