Get some testnet tokens to start trading

For your first trade on Hubble Whirlpool testnet you will need some collateral to deposit on the dApp. You will notice that Hubble enables two types of collateral: AVAX and hUSD.


Hubble Whirlpool testnet accepts fuji Testnet AVAX. You can find the steps on how to get these tokens in


hUSD can be minted using USDC. In order to get testnet USDC you will have to use the faucet:

You will need Discord and your Twitter account to proceed.

  1. Go to Hubble discord
  2. Go to 🚰#faucet under testnet.
  3. image
  4. react with the Hubble emoji.
  5. image
  6. HubbleGatekeeper🤖 bot will DM you with the following message:
  7. image
  8. Carefully follow the instructions provided by the bot. Use the template tweet provided by the bot or post a new tweet. Please ensure that you tag @HubbleExchange in your tweet, or the bot will not accept the link. Once you’ve published the tweet on twitter, copy the link and paste it to the bot.
  9. Once your tweet has been verified the bot will ask you for your address.
  10. image

After giving the bot your address you will be airdropped USDC you can use to 💵 Mint hUSD. The transaction should be instant.

To view your test tokens, go over to whirlpool.hubble.exchange and onto the hUSD section. If you find that the tokens don't show up there, please refresh your browser, clear cache and try again. Typically, they’ll show up after this if they didn't before.

If you’re unable to receive the test tokens, please contact a member of the ModGuild within the Hubble discord in the #support channel where someone will assist you shortly. Before requesting for help, ensure that you have carefully followed each step of the instructions on this page.