Blr2022, a Hubble Power User

Blr2022, a Hubble Power User

Blr2022 is an active trader of Hubble exchange, he has also been constantly contributing in discord and in governance discussions as a commited community member.

So before we begin, can you tell us a bit about you? What brought you to Hubble? Are you a trader?

The only thing I can tell you is that I am a planning engineer, and my plan is to retire as early as possible as a Bitcoin holder.

I like to consider myself a trader, and I am trying to master this. But to be honest, my portfolio has been down 85% from the top, so I still got a lot to learn.

A fun fact: my first contact with Hubble was through a tweet from Shu Zu.

Wait, Su Zhu, as in the 3AC founder who caused devastation across the industry?*

Yes, although he was respected at the time! He was an early investor on DyDx. I was trading there at the time and managed to get a handsome reward when their token price was at $15-28$.

Then I saw he tweeted about Hubble and, you know, Su looked like a big whale last year. I researched, tried the testnet, and put my eyes on the mainet. Even so, I must say that the main reason I put money on Hubble is I felt the good energy of the team, from the long and careful process followed during the testnet.

Interesting! Back to your previous answer, I’m sorry to hear about your portfolio. Is Hubble helping you get back your losses? I heard you have been arbitraging

The point here is Risk/Reward. High risk, high reward. By being early and accumulating Hubble tokens, I hope to make a handsome profit.

Besides the vHubble rewards, I earned some thousands from funding fees and arbs. However, it is still far below my loss, my portfolio was pretty big at the top.

So what has been your strategy exactly? Arbitraging the funding rate as you say?

The main strategy I follow is arbing price and funding rate between Hubble and DyDx. The funding rate has been consistently high on Hubble which has helped the strategy. It is easy to keep the opening position on Hubble and DyDx, as most of the time, the funding rate on dydx is negative and the funding rate on Hubble is very positive. This means I basically earn funding rate on both Hubble and dydx.

My number of trades is over 700 trades on Hubble. I think it is a big number

Wow, you really are an active user. Must be getting a lot of vHubble and HSC

Not hiding it, just around 300,000 vHubble till now with my two accounts

A new whale is born!

I am not sure whether it is big or not. But I personally consider it a big number, an achievement. The only question here is whether Hubble could be successful? If it is, the token will have value, that’s my bet.

Before we finish, I know you prepared a small report about your trades on Hubble

Yes, this was a summary of my first month trading in Hubble. As you can see it was very profitable.


Amazing, Hubble is blessed to have active traders like you! Now we just need a few more to boost our volume

To finish our interview, I have seen you have recently changed your profile picture to a Hubble Space Cat… And you even named it!

It is named Green funding rate HSC. it is a beautiful name.

Owning this GFR (Green Funding Rate) HSC, if Hubble can survive this aggressive bear market, I will too.

*Note that Su Zhu and 3AC are not investors in Hubble Exchange